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Wooden Foot Roller Acupressure Massager

Wooden Foot Roller Acupressure Massager

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  • ✔NEW & IMPROVED: TOUGH & DURABLE WOOD - You can rest assured that our foot pain relief products are a good investment. Sturdy and resistant breakage.Designed to target trigger points in the foot arch, heels & rest of body. Perfect even for high foot arches & diabetic foot issues
  • ✔DEEP TISSUE: Nubs & grooves on roller kneads, stimulates & relaxes soft feet tissue, hands & the body.Wooden acupressure tools have rounded-off edges. This aids in applying force to the pressure points without hurting the skin and muscles.The varying depths of the foot massager target pressure points to relieve pain and improve blood circulation
  • ✔FOOT THERAPY: Relieves aches & soreness in the foot arch due to Plantar Fasciitis, tired feet & ailments such as Diabetic Neuropathy & other foot issues due to diabetes.This tool is designed with similar science of reflexology, so by using it on each point of your feet regularly it will help to maintain good health and also prevents your body to catch diseases.Perfect acupressure tool to stimulate energy, blood circulation and blocked nerves.After usage feel partial or complete relief from pain
  • ✔LIGHTWEIGHT & HIGHLY PORTABLE -: Use it for both feet at a time! Or hold it and use it as an acupressure massager for the rest of the body. Light, portable, & can be used on any flat Get relief anytime and anywhere with this travel-friendly foot massage roller. No need to chase the massager around as you do the rolling action.Use it in your office, during air or land travel, or just about anywhere!

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