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Set of 5 Books

Set of 5 Books

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"Meditation is very very easy" is a book which gives the complete information regarding the science of Meditation along with its benefits. It discusses about the experiences during meditation. Topics like additional tips and more powerful meditation are shared. It also includes the significance of Pyramid energy and Pyramid meditation.

"Be a Master" is authored by Brahmarshi Patriji. This books emphasis on 'Knowing the True-self'; what exactly is Life &Death. It also throws light on various other topics as 'Being a Happy Master', 'Inner Senses', 'Eternal Spiritual Journey', 'What is Joy?' etc., etc.

"Enlightenment on death"

Brahmarshi Patriji realized the power of meditation through his profound experiences early in his life and attained enlightenment in the Year 1979. Starting from a simple background as an executive in a Fertilizer Company in Andhra Pradesh, Patriji's mission has been to promote Meditation and Vegetarianism to people all over the world.

His approach has been completely scientific and secular without invoking any religious symbolism. Patriji has founded the " Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement" in the Year 1990 with the objective of spreading the message of spiritual and vegetarian living to all humanity!


Pyramid.....Energy grid of the Cosmos

Both meditation and pyramid energies are essential to maintain health and well-being. Pyramid Energies are beneficial for individuals, families, and communities and help the whole world establish peace and harmony. Senior Pyramid Master's messages on Pyramid Energy and Pyramid Power reaches new heights with this latest book. Every message and learnings from these enlightened beings will take you through a new wave of transformation, which you may have been seeking for a long time. Make this book your guiding energy in the path of your soul journey.

"The Great Way" is the excerpts from the book 'Thinking & Destiny' by Harold W. Percival. He shows us that what appears as "chaos" in our daily lives has a purpose and order which can be seen only through “Real Thinking” This book gives insight on Regenerative Breathing, The Knower, The Thinker, Issuing of a Life-body and many more.

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