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Red Jasper Orgonite Pyramid

Red Jasper Orgonite Pyramid

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What is Red Jasper good for?
"Red jasper has been used as a stone of protection for thousands of years. It is believed this jasper can create and help balance aggressive, dynamic energy."

Benefits of Red Jasper Pyramid

  • In challenging circumstances, Red Jasper maintains calm and emotional stability. The Base or Root Chakra is stimulated by red jasper. Red jasper to reduce tension and re-establish contact with the grounding forces of Earth.
  • Orgones clear negative energy reduces EMF radiation and facilitates meditation. It encourages sound sleep, lessens stress, and purifies the living space. Orgone has the power to cleanse water and promote plant development. They boost your energy and stabilize your mood.
  • Organic stone, Although the stone is unique, you will receive an item that is comparable to the one in the picture.

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