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Healing Crystal Rose Quartz Swan Pair Statue

Healing Crystal Rose Quartz Swan Pair Statue

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Natural Pink Rose Quartz Pair of Swans Handcrafted Love Birds Duck for Love & Relationship.


  • A rose quartz and swan combo represents romance, love, and relationships.
  • Swans should be maintained in a pair in the romance corner of a home, such as the bedroom, living room, or work desk, or in the South West, the international love corner, to improve marriage, love, and romance luck.
  • If you are single, placing the Swans on the same side of your bed as you sleep will help you attract a new spouse.
  • If you're married, the Swans should be next to each other and on the husband's side of the nightstand in order to maintain or strengthen your marriage.

The stone representing boundless serenity and unconditional love is rose quartz. The most significant crystal for the heart is this one.

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