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Seven Chakra Reiki Energy Generator Pyramid

Seven Chakra Reiki Energy Generator Pyramid

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The Seven Chakra enhances self-respect, creativity, and mental capacity. It bestows prosperity upon you. Remove the worry and dread and improve the mental and physical equilibrium.These gorgeous crystals, which were made from natural crystal stones, have twisted metal branches and a lovely hardwood base to which crystal stones have been affixed.
Seven Chakra gemstones will purge negative energy from your house or place of business, improve luck, power, prosperity, and create positive energy. They are also incredibly helpful luck charms for your home.
Energy generators: Excellent instruments for healing, meditation, and all-around assistance; they can also be used to charge other crystals. Various energy generator types have different applications depending on the crystals that make them up. Install energy generators in your house or place of business to activate, transform, and safeguard energy.

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