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Crystal Tree - Seven Chakra (1000 beads)

Crystal Tree - Seven Chakra (1000 beads)

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Tree of Seven Chakras A chakra tree can make your family and home feel more positive. Red jasper, lapis lazuli, amethyst, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, carnelian, and clear quartz Crystal Healing Stone for Reiki.
1. Clear quartz: Vitality, clairvoyance, poise, serenity. 2. Amethyst: Positive energy for body, mind, and soul healing. 3. Lapis: Joyful, Self-assured, Companion 4. Green Adventure: Creativity, Wealth, Professional Achievement. 5. Yellow Aventurine: introspection, wealth, serenity, and inventiveness 6. Carnelian: warmth on an emotional level, friendliness, reincarnation, memory, harmony, courage, and happiness. 7. Red jasper: ease, contentment, nurturing, compassion, and completion.
Beneficial for Healing, Peace of Mind, Meditation, Positive Energy Generator, Balancing, and Concentration. good fortune, love, wealth, health, and prosperity in your partnership.

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